Non Fiction

I have written a variety of short non-fiction books covering biographies, unsolved crimes, historical events and unusual phenomena. My contribution to many of these books was purely in writing the content; I was not involved in, nor do I necessarily endorse, the selection of titles, formatting of the finished books or the cover artwork. This is a representative sample; the full list covers over 35 titles and can be seen at my Amazon author’s page.

While my main expertise is as a researcher and writer I can also format books for self-publishing platforms, for either electronic or paper publication, and I have some ability to design and create cover artwork.

10 Weird Ways To Honor The Dead

By Michael Arangua and Fergus Mason

This eBook looks at some of the most unusual funeral customs from around the world. It covers both ancient traditions and some very unusual modern ideas, as well as looking at the way the funeral industry works.

I also handled cover design and interior formatting for this book.

Published through Kindle Direct Publishing on 12 June 2015

Death small


Turing – The Tragic Life of Alan Turing

By Fergus Mason

Published through CreateSpace on 20 June 2014

Also available for Kindle.

Turing is a biography of mathematician and code breaker Alan Turing, covering his life from birth to his tragic death in 1954. It focuses heavily on the challenge of the Enigma code and Turing’s crucial role in defeating it.  



Dragon Lady – A History of the 1962 U-2 Spying Incident

By Fergus Mason

Published through CreateSpace on 2 November 2014

Also available for Kindle.

Dragon Lady is a fast-paced account of the infamous U-2 incident, including a biography of CIA pilot Francis Gary Powers and a detailed account of the flight itself.



Miscarriage of Justice: The Murder of Teresa de Simone

By Fergus Mason

Published through CreateSpace on 10 September 2013

Also available for Kindle.

Miscarriage of Justice is a no-holds-barred account of the 1979 murder of Southampton waitress Teresa de Simone, the police investigation and the error that put an innocent man in jail for 27 years.