My base rate for most writing tasks is $10 per 100 words. I adjust this to take account of any factors that will affect how long it’s likely to take me to complete the job. For example an article that requires extensive research will require a higher rate, while a rewriting job will be cheaper. I prefer not to work on an hourly basis where avoidable; if this is required my base rate is $50 per hour net of any Upwork fees. All hourly-paid jobs must be arranged through Upwork; I will not accept direct payment for them.

At my discretion I may require my full fee, or the fee for the current milestone if applicable, to be placed in escrow before I begin work. This can be through a mutually agreed third party such as Escrow.com.

Additional costs

My fee covers my research and writing. Any additional costs, including escrow fees, are the responsibility of the client. This also applies to specific research requirements. If you want me to read a book or restricted-access article before writing your piece you are responsible for sending me a copy or paying me the full purchase price in advance. I will not pay for research materials out of my fee.

Long works

In general I do not require payment until the job has been completed to your satisfaction. However for long projects in excess of 20,000 words I will usually request that we arrange a series of milestones throughout the project, with a partial payment on completion of each milestone.

Revenue share

My normal and preferred practice is to transfer all copyright, and all future revenue, for a work to the client on payment of my full agreed fee. On occasion I may agree to a reduced up-front fee in exchange for a share of future revenue from sale of the work.

Discounted rates

On occasion I may, entirely at my own discretion, reduce or waive my fee. This is usually because I feel that what you want is something I would write for its own sake and is likely to depend on the piece’s intended purpose. A blog post or flyer would be a typical example; a book or other work that you intend to sell would not be. The fact that I have reduced or waived my fee for one piece does not imply any obligation or intention to do the same for subsequent related pieces. I may offer the same reduction, or I may not.

I will not discount or waive my fees in exchange for feedback, reviews or recommendations.