Wiki development

Everyone’s familiar with Wikipedia, but did you know that the software it runs on is free to download? Anyone can set up and run their own wiki, and it’s a very powerful platform. I can install and configure the Mediawiki software for you, including arranging a domain name and web hosting if you don’t already have those. I can also create content to populate your new wiki.

Wikipedia editing

I am prepared to create or edit Wikipedia articles for you, but I do require that some conditions are followed for this:

Anonymity. If you’re creating a Wikipedia job on Upwork please do not give any identifying details. Wikipedia is run by a fairly small group of active admins and some of them are prejudiced against paid editing. They also regularly look at freelance writing sites to identify paid jobs. If your own, or your company’s, name is in the job offer they will be waiting for that article to be created and they’ll probably delete it when it is.

Notability. Wikipedia has strict rules for notability. They can be found here. Before hiring anyone to create an article please read the rules carefully. If you’ve just started a business and it hasn’t attracted any media attention it’s highly unlikely you’ll be able to get an article to stay online. There are special rules for academics.

Advocacy. I won’t do it. In any case, because of how Wikipedia works any attempt to hire a freelancer to maintain an article in the form you want is either going to be very expensive or very unsuccessful.